Passionate about telling yours

I’ve always loved books and stories. I simply couldn’t get enough of them as a kid.
Then I discovered you could create your own!

I was six when I wrote, illustrated and self-published my first book, encouraged in the craft by my Dad, an inspiring teacher – the best I’ve ever had. Since ‘The Little Red and Green Car’, my interest in writing and using words to communicate, inform, influence, empathise and encourage has grown.

Language studies in English and Indonesian dominated my subject choices at school and tertiary level and influenced my career direction. Following 30 years with the Victorian Education Department, 24 as a teacher of languages and six as an educational administrator, having taught and honed skills in the science and art of communication it was time for a new chapter, my third.

With the launch of Chapter Three in January 2015, anyone who needs a relational creative thinker, strategist and wordsmith to help communicate their personal or professional messages has their solution.


Robyn Armstrong

Writer and Creative Consultant

Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.

Susan Stratham

What will your story be?