Helping you get the best out of your organisation, your team, your project and yourself


Creating your strategic and communications solutions

We work collaboratively with individuals, businesses and organisations to provide creative, customised, excellent communication services that get results.

We’ll tap into your unique context, come up with great ideas, write your copy and quality assure your product. We also conduct research, facilitate workshops and manage your project, leveraging a network of expert allied professionals, so you can leave the hassle to us and get on with business. It’s what makes Chapter Three your end-to-end project solution.

Our relational customer focus approach also ensures you’ll enjoy the process as much as the outcome.


We love the exciting process of discovering your story so we can honour it as the page turns. We listen carefully so as not to miss a single message. Reading between the lines is our job too, leading to the understandings that ensure your next chapters flow seamlessly but in a direction that’s fresh, relevant, aspirational and inspirational.

We can’t wait to work with you and your team to see what responses emerge from penetrating reflection questions and group discussion. Nailing the collective wisdom and insight of your stakeholders is the preface upon which every engagement rests.



Working with you to achieve your goals energises us. Co-authoring your project ensures we land the brief and deliver a value-for-money, on point outcome without any surprises for either of us. Expect to be consulted, informed and empowered from sign on to sign off.

Clever, creative, tailored ideas and concepts hook and engage audiences. Coming up with them is our forte. They are the foundation stones of branding solutions, campaigns, vision, mission and values statements, strategies and narratives. Fleshing them out with succinct, beautifully written copy, complementary images, thoughtful design elements and the perfect combination of publication options brings them to life.



We write print and digital communication for a whole range of personal and professional purposes. We use your voice, reflect your personality and ensure that any product’s style is the right fit for you and your audience. We also take the time you haven’t got to edit and proofread material ensuring your communication is appropriately worded and error free. We’ll ensure brand and message consistency, make suggestions about the structure and readability of your document and check for omissions.

We craft messages and content based on your brief including:

strategy, website content, marketing materials, newsletters, reports, policy documents, brochures, prospectus, information and instructional handbooks, letters, crisis communications, presentation slide decks, speeches, resumes, biographies, eulogies and memoirs.

Communicating shouldn’t be difficult, but it can be. You’ve got to cut through life’s noise to meet time poor, distracted consumers at their point of interest. There’s not a huge window of opportunity. And you’ve got to speak their language – literally and figuratively. It takes expertise and insight to land it with words and images. You can leave it to us.



Many successful projects rely on initial research. Chapter Three has the expertise to do the searches and integrate the findings that marry the past and present, the evidence base and current practice, hypotheses and conclusions. Audit, analysis and recommendation processes are often where our work with clients begins.

What and how you communicate may ultimately require the services of multiple providers. Chapter Three can streamline and quality-assure your process and product by liaising with photographers, graphic and website designers, printers, caterers, florists and whoever else needs to be involved. It’s another way we save you time, stress and money.

Project Management


Consulting with improvement and transformation in mind

Bruce doesn’t offer theoretical support to executives and teams out of textbooks; he offers it out of a depth of experience having done the hard yards and actually led transformation in three secondary schools and then at every level of the Victorian public education system.

If you want to learn and benefit from a highly experienced, values driven consultant who’s motivated by a deep sense of moral purpose and a genuine investment in people and organisations seeking to positively impact humanity, then look no further.


Mapping out the storyboard – your strategy – is the foundational piece of any organisation’s work. The right thinking at this point makes or breaks your outcome. You want someone in your corner whose wisdom and expertise in critical, analytical thinking can help you land your mission’s what and how.

Improving operations and outcomes, greasing all the cogs and wheels in the organisation so that change filters down from top to bottom relies on two things: vision and implementation. They’re the broad-brush strokes that paint the big picture.

System reform

Organisational design

Think contents page. This is about getting your framework right; the right people with the right designations working on the right things in the right teams. It streamlines the workflow, communication channels and decision-making processes, smoothing the way to happy endings.

Leveraging the power of inspiring stories is Chapter Three’s bread and butter. Bruce knows and reels in his audience delivering what they need to see, hear, think and experience to be inspired. Visuals expand his messages and contribute to what feedback consistently confirms is a memorable, positive and highly worthwhile encounter.



To be elite at anything, you need training under the guidance of an expert – ideally someone who’s been there, done that. Bruce works with leaders at all levels to help them lift their game and improve their performance. He’s all about helping you live the story you want to tell.

Leaders are the chief story tellers in any organisation. They’re the ones writing the guidelines. When their voices are clear, and their modelling is sound, others can follow, the plotline can thicken, and the action can take off. Let Bruce show you how to get the best out of your team.

Leadership development

Cultural transformation

When your organisation is flourishing because the hearts, minds and skills of the workforce are aligned with your purpose and values, you’re in a really good place. Achieving and maintaining this requires consistent focus and effort. But the rewards are sweet. If you’re up for it, we’ll be there for you. Lights, camera, action!

With improved self-awareness and the awareness of others, we can make workplaces much happier places to be. They’ll be more productive too, but that’s almost the by-product. Once we realise emotions are at the heart of every person, every workplace and every success, we’ll have the key to enjoying life way more. Ask us about our emotional intelligence surveys and workshops – they put what’s critically important back where it belongs – front and centre.

Enhancing emotional intelligence

It was a great pleasure to work with Chapter Three and benefit from their professional, quality and highly relational service.

Ric Small RAIA

Managing Director, SQC Architecture, Canberra

Working with Robyn Armstrong is an exciting experience! Robyn listens, advises, creates and negotiates until the product is absolutely ‘spot on’!

− Dr Wendy Cahill AM DSG

Educational Strategist, Melbourne

When we need beautiful, succinct copy to create or elevate documents, we call Robyn. She quickly understands the brief, brings analysis and synthesis skills to the task and quality assures the outcome.

Mark Moir

Principal, Lyndale Secondary College Victoria

What will your story be?